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Thyme occurs in nature around the Mediterranean, and can be found in many different varieties. In Greece it can be found almost anywhere, from the dry islands of the Aegean to the high mountains of the Pindos Range, under 600m altitude. Thyme derives its name from the ancient Greek verb «θύω» (pronounced thio), which means “to sacrifice” or “to be fragrant”. From its flowers’ nectar, bees produce the famous thyme honey.

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Thyme has an intense, spicy taste, reminiscent of oregano. It is used when cooking meatballs, stuffed tomatoes, meat and pies.

Its flavor can withstand prolonged cooking, so it can be added from the beginning of food preparation. If you enjoy a barbecue, place some thyme on the grill, the meat on top, and then cover with some more. Do not place the grill close to the fire source though, because there will be lots of flames – also take care not to leave it unattended. The end result is surely mouthwatering. Wash the quantity you will use in your recipe prior to cooking.

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Place the pot in front of the kitchen window, where there is plenty of light. It’s drought-tolerant, so avoid watering it too much. During winter it can stay outdoor since it resists low temperatures.

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