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Sage is a perennial bush, known since ancient times. Ancient Greeks were using it as a panacea – while Dioscurides, Galen, Aëtius of Antioch and Hippocrates spoke highly of it.

The French call it “Greek tea” and use it – in total agreement with all the other Europeans – in cooking as well as a medicinal herb. The Chinese call it “the Greek Infusion” and consider it better than tea.

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Sage is used when cooking white and red meats, pasta, fish, legumes, and bread. It is also used to flavor broths, vinegar and oil. Bees fed from sage flowers produce honey of high quality. It is also used for the production of spirits. Wash only the quantity you will use in your recipe prior to cooking. We have avoided intense rinsing for a freshest taste, aroma and nutrient preservation.

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Storage Instructions

The specialized packaging contributes to preservation of the remaining quantity in the refrigerator. Indicative self-life:  7-10 days.

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    Crispy Focaccia with Fresh Herbs and Olives

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