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Oregano is found around the Mediterranean through to Central Asia. The name is derived from the ancient Greek “όρος” (pronounced “oros”, meaning mountain), and “γάνος” (pronounced “yanos”, meaning brightness), referring probably to the plant that makes the mountains bright. In Ancient Greece, it was a symbol of happiness and joy. Aristotle mentions that when a wounded goat ate oregano, the healing was rapid.

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Oregano is one of the main ingredients in Mediterranean cooking. Simply, there is no Greek salad without oregano. It can be used with almost everything, especially when cooking meat and fish. Try staffing fish with some fresh oregano stems, before putting them on the grill. The taste of it is intense, spicy, with some mild bitter tones. It can withstand prolonged cooking and can be used from the beginning of food preparation. Wash the quantity you will use in your recipe prior to cooking.

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Place the pot in front of the kitchen window, where there is plenty of light. It’s drought-tolerant, so avoid watering it too much. During winter it can stay outdoor since it resists low temperatures.

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