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Meat & Poultry Seasoning


The complete and economical proposal for various meat dishes. The package contains fresh thyme, rosemary and sage. There is a back-of-the-package recipe for roast pork shank with “Aroma” fresh herbs.

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Wash only the quantity you will use in your recipe prior to cooking. We have avoided intense rinsing for a freshest taste, aroma and nutrient preservation.

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Storage Instructions

The specialized packaging contributes to preservation of the remaining quantity in the refrigerator. Indicative self-life:  7-10 days.

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    Roast lamb with “Aroma” fresh herbs

    Looks like a skewer!

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    Crispy Focaccia with Fresh Herbs and Olives

    How about trying a cheap and easy recipe, full of flavor and aroma?

    View the Recipe
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