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Chives are the smallest of all edible onion relatives. It is cultivated for its leaves and not its bulb. It can be found throughout the northern hemisphere.  It is used in Chinese cooking over 5,000 years.

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Chives have a very mild taste – much milder than onion – and can be used to replace it, since they are much easier to digest (unlike onion, they do not have a high concentration of sulfur compounds). Fine chop the leaves and use them to flavor salads, sauces, pies, soups. It is also used when cooking chicken, fish, omelets, and on various Chinese dishes.  Wash only the quantity you will use in your recipe prior to cooking. We have avoided intense rinsing for a freshest taste, aroma and nutrient preservation.

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The specialized packaging contributes to preservation of the remaining quantity in the refrigerator. Indicative self-life:  7-10 days.

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