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Basil is an annual herbaceous plant, originating from Iran to India. Today its many varieties are cultivated almost universally, each with its own characteristics and uses. There are some old traditional proverbs that say “where basil grows, no evil goes!” and “where basil is, no evil can live”. Basil is often given as a present to new households, to bring luck. This is the reason why after May, when basil plants are readily available, everybody plants one!

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Basil is considered the royalty of all aromatic herbs, since it is widely used and easily combined with a wide range of materials. When cooking, the leaves should be added (and to a lesser extend the stalks), during the last stages of food preparation, since prolonged heat destroys the basil’s volatile compounds and results in loss of flavor.

Basil is great on combination with fresh tomatoes and soft cheeses.  It is great with salads, soups, risottos, eggs, sea food, both white and red meats, meatballs, fruit, bread, almost every kind of pasta sauce, as well as with staffed tomatoes. Wash only the quantity you will use in your recipe prior to cooking. We have avoided intense rinsing for a freshest taste, aroma and nutrient preservation.

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Storage Instructions

The specialized packaging contributes to preservation of the remaining quantity in the refrigerator. Indicative self-life:  7 days.

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