They grow in the open air under the Greek sun

The production cycle begins from our herb nurseries, where the seedlings and the plant grafts are grown, which will be transplanted in the field in order to grow in their natural environment, and not in the greenhouse. We implement good agricultural practice and an integrated management.


Above all, we aim to maintain ecological balance and sustainability. Our cultivation method ensures almost zero use of pesticides, since we have invested in traditional methods and equipment for the weed removal in a natural way, such as ground cover with geotextiles or weeding.

We serve the modern healthy lifestyle and the reconnection with our nutritional roots, producing safe and of high quality and nutrition fresh herbs and vegetables. We create special products that offer new taste experience and shape eating habits.



The start was made at 90s by a team of young people with experience in the agricultural sector and a common vision. The idea came when we realized that while the use of fresh herbs in daily cooking was popular abroad, in Greece – that herbs flourish in their natural environment -, there wasn’t a systematic cultivation, and the consumer due to the urbanization didn’t have access to them. That is to say, it was missing what exactly our grandmothers had back in the village. So we saw this lack and we wanted to fill it.


That is to say, it was missing what our grandmothers had back in the village

At first, the big challenge was to win the bet, because the project was difficult, since we wanted to bring something new to consumer’s habits. But we deeply believed in it and insisted, together with our customers and chefs. Chefs, in fact, that had seen the use of fresh herbs in cooking abroad, were thrilled that we gave them at last a raw material to work with. With our persistence and the sun, the fertile Greek land and our countryside’s microclimate as our allies, we managed to establish a market that didn’t exist and to teach the modern consumer to use fresh herbs in his daily dietary, offering him branded products, safe and with high standards.



Today we have developed a strong distribution network through supermarket and minimarket chains, as well as through selected grocery stores, convenience stores and deli stores all over Greece.

With fundamental principles the sustainability and the balance of nature and with a strong sense of environmental awareness, we practice traditional production methods and we try to use the microclimate’s special conditions of the area where each plant flourishes, minimizing in this way our intervention with technical means. We have a contract with a recycling company for many years, regarding packaging material, while we are in composting process of the organic matter we reject during selection.


We advocate the sustainable gastronomy and the actions against food waste. We study the culinary needs of a household so as the quantities of our packed fresh products to be exactly what a consumer needs, without any loss, since the entire content of the package can be consumed. We operate based on our main value of constant development at all levels, always following the international quality standards, from the cultivation to the distribution of our products, so as the brand “Aroma” to be synonymous with safe fresh herbs and vegetables in the domestic and international markets.

Thinking in an innovative way, we introduced in early 2000 for the first time in the Greek market, packed fresh herbs for culinary use, in pot at first and afterwards fresh-cut in a specialized, elegant and recyclable packaging that contributes to the preservation of their freshness in the fridge for a longer period of time, without deteriorating their high quality and nutritional value.


we introduced in early 2000 for the first time in the Greek market, fresh herbs in pot for culinary use

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