Lemon verbena



Lemon verbena is a bushy aromatic perennial, originating in Latin America. It was brought in Europe by the Spaniards during the 17th century.
Initially the plant was named Yerba Luisa to honor Maria Luisa of Parma, wife of King Charles IV of Spain.


Medicinal Properties::


Lemon verbena, used as an infusion, helps fighting obesity, since it accelerates metabolic rate, while it acts as a detoxifier and diuretic. It can also help against cellulite, improving (as a rinse) skin toning, and has a mild relaxant effect. Lemon verbena infusion has a positive effect on the digestive.
One easy way to take advantage of the plant’s action as an antiseptic and relaxant is to put a mesh bag filled with leaves in our bathtub water.


In Cooking::


Lemon verbena can be used in salads, soups, meat, fish, deserts, spirits and beverages.
It has an intense lemony flavor and a pleasant taste, making it perfect for flavoring sweet puddings, and sauces that compliment white meat.
Its fresh leaves can flavor beverages, oil, vinegar, spirits, jellies, ice creams and cake.
Lemon verbena infusion has a very pleasant taste, and you can add to it milk and/or honey.

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