Marjoram is an herbaceous perennial, of N. Africa, Turkey and SW Asian origin. It is cultivated in Greece since ancient times.

Hippocrates was using it as a disinfectant. It was well known to the Egyptians and Arabs also, and used for its medicinal properties.

The reddish flowers of marjoram have a pleasant aroma, and are used in perfumery.


Medicinal Properties::


Marjoram infusion (using both leaves and flowers) enhances sweating, and it is used as an anticonvulsant, and for its soothing properties.

It can be used to relief from cough and whooping cough - the patient just takes deep breaths over a pan where marjoram infusion is boiling.

A compress soaked in hot marjoram infusion relieves arthritic pain, swelling and colic.

Putting a few drops of marjoram oil on an aching tooth stops the pain instantly.


In Cooking::


Marjoram is used to flavor salads, sauces, meat, fish, pasta, pies, cheese, bread and in spirit and beverage making. It is also used in confectionaries.

TIP: We can use it also to give a pleasant aroma to our drawers and wardrobes.


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