Coriander is an annual herbaceous plant, used as a spice since ancient times.
Huge quantities of coriander seeds have been found at the wheat fields of eastern Macedonia (4,000 BC). It was used at Pylos’ palace, probably for making fragrances.
It is said, that it was cultivated at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, while the Chinese thought it provided immortality of the soul.


Medicinal Properties::

An infusion made from dry coriander seeds, enhances sweating, and relieves from coughing, runny nose and high fever. It also has diuretic and detoxifying properties.


In Cooking::


Fresh coriander leaves are used on salads, sauces and soups, and as a spice both dried, fresh or seeds on meat, cold meats, soups, pickles, pastry fillings, biscuits and breads. It is also used from flavoring spirits and beverages.

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