Tarragon is a perennial herbaceous bush, originating in Eastern Europe.
It is also known commonly as dragon`s-wort or dragon herb, probably because of the shape of its root that resembles a dragon or a snake.
Romans used it to treat snake bites.
A mixture made from tarragon and fennel juice, was a popular drink among Indian monarchs.
There is also a rumor that King Henry VIII of England divorced Catherine of Aragon, because she was using too much tarragon while cooking.


Medicinal properties::


Tarragon leaves are rich in iodine, potassium and vitamins A and C.
Tarragon infusion is used against nausea, hiccups and insomnia, aims digestion, increases appetite and acts as a stimulant.


In Cooking::


Tarragon is one of the most important of aromatic herbs. It is the spice of gourmets.
It is used on salads, sauces for meat and fish, eggs, ice creams, fruit salads, etc. Tarragon leaves can be added on soups for a unique flavoring. The stems can be cooked as any vegetable. It is also used to add flavoring on vinegar and mustard.
Tarragon should be used in small quantities, since it has a strong flavor. When cooking, the leaves should be added during the last stages of food preparation, since prolonged heat destroys its flavor.
Because of its unique flavor, it should not be combined with other aromatic herbs, but works great with lemon and shallots.
TIP: Tarragon is an efficient natural insect repellent. It will keep at bay flies, mosquitoes and all sorts of annoying bugs and, above all, in a natural way.

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