Rosemary is a Mediterranean native, well known and used for medicine and cooking since ancient times from both Romans and Greeks.
It is considered a gift of goddess Aphrodite to humans. It was a main ingredient of incense burnt during sacrifices on ancient altars.
Another tradition claims it was one of the herbs that Adam and Eve took with them when expelled from Eden, so God gave it its therapeutic properties, to aim the healing of humanity.
It is a symbol of remembrance and justice, since it was believed that it can only grow at the yard of a just man.


Medicinal Properties::


Rosemary is widely used on pharmaceuticals, since it exhibits excellent medicinal properties.
Fresh leaves of rosemary, put as a compress on the forehead, relieve from tension and headaches. Infusing new shoots into wine, we get a drink that helps the heart.  A remedy good for skin that also strengthens the hair, can be prepared by infusing rosemary leaves on water and then use it for rinsing.
Leaf infusions are also used in spas, for people suffering from arthritis. A similarly prepared mouth wash helps the treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis.
Rosemary roots boiled in wine are a remedy against dysentery.


In Cooking::


Rosemary is one of the most useful aromatic herbs in Mediterranean cooking. It adds flavor to roast potatoes and chips (or fries), bread, beef, lamp, game, fish and seafood, omelets, soups, sauces, vegetables as well as snails.
Its flavor is heat resistant so it can be added from the begging of the cooking process.
Place a pot of rosemary at the kitchen windowsill, provided it is brightly lit. Some moderation in watering is required – frequent watering can rot a robust plant easily. It can easily be grown outside, since it is frost hardy.
Both, leaves and stems are used in cooking so you can trim the stalks at will.
TIP: If you enjoy a barbecue, place some stems of rosemary on the grill, the meat on top, and then cover with some more stems. Do not place the grill close to the fire source though, because there will be lots of flames – also take care not to leave it unattended. The end result is surely mouthwatering.
Rosemary is one of the most efficient and better flavored natural insect repellents. It will keep at bay flies, mosquitoes and all sorts of annoying bugs and, above all, in a natural way.
You can even use it to protect clothing from moths: just prepare a mixture of dried basil, sage, lavender and rosemary in fabric bags, and put them in the closet!

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