Fresh Cut Herbs in 25 grams

We have placed in a small box, 25 grams of aromatic herbs, quantity sufficient for several meals. Fresh herbs have a more intense flavor, so less is needed when compared to dried ones.

When you open the lid, you will be “attacked” by the flavor of the herb you chose from our range.  Before using it, make sure to rinse the quantity you need to use. Our company, made a conscious choice to avoid aggressive rinsing, in order for the herb to reach you free of any hardship – and so fresher and with more beneficial compounds.  Herbs should always be rinsed just before using them, to avoid essential oil loss and a flatter taste.


This way of packaging gives you the option to store the amount that was left over in the fridge.  Depending on the type of herb, it can be kept fresh this way for 10 days, up to 2 weeks without any loss in flavoring.

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